Daily Dare 4 : Phew!

I must tell you all how nerve-wracking it is sometimes to publish a dare everyday! After I published the task for Daily Dare 4, I thought “What did I just do?! That’s the silliest dare anybody could ever think of!!”

But, honestly… It was not at all silly.

It was indeed a meaningful dare, once I found all the clothes that needed a fix;

and I’m surprised that I hardly made the time to fix any of it!

As per today’s dare, I made no further excuse for not doing it. As soon as I got home from work, I plunged into my closet and pulled out one of my favorite kurtis that needed a quick fix and….

Today I Did It!!!

I also made sure that I learned to fix it right. Although I knew how to sew, I checked on the internet for simple tips to do a clean stitch!

Tadaaa! Check out the fixed kurti-button!


Clean! Isn’t it? 😉

It was super fun too!

Did you fix any of your clothes? Share your story  and a picture with a tag “Daily Dare” on your blog with a pingback to the original Dare post and on social networking pages with the hashtag #DailyDare.

This keeps getting interesting!


Yuvathi ❤ 🙂

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