Daily Dare 6 : Semi-Success Or A Semi-Flop?!

Is it okay to lose once or twice or may be a hundred times…?

Sounds like Justin Bieber.. I know right! 😀

Yeah, I didn’t finish the Daily Dare 6. I completed one half of it though!

So, can I call it a Semi-Success instead of Semi-Flop?! 😉

The migraine continued yesterday and I must admit I knew I wouldn’t finish the book even before migraines struck. Sloppy..I know.. Am Sorry!! 😦

But, here’s my completed 1st piece of my new hobby!! 🙂



It looks wayyy better on the paper than it does in the photo. Ah, the poor lighting.. But it was super fun to do it and such a wonderful stress buster!

Do you color too? Did you finish reading your book? Or..did you finish any of your unfinished tasks successfully? Or.. Were you sloppy too?!

Then feel free to share your story through facebook, twitter, instagram with a hashtag #DailyDare and wordpress too – by blogging your story with a pingpack to this post along with a tag “Daily Dare“.

Getting ready for the next dare!


Yuvathi ❤ 🙂

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