Am Yuvathi – just another confused young adult. Some of you might know me from my blog site The Confused Young Adult which is my personal blog.

Am growing “old” of course, but this morning I started wondering…. how much am I growing as a person? I know it’s time for me to grow up not just physically but mentally too.

So yes, this site is to catch up on my growth as a person. But how?

Take A Step Forward Today, To Shine Like A Diamond One Day

It’s the daily dare! I’m going to dare myself to do something new or simple and subtle from day 1 and keep track of my progress.

A chunk of coal doesn’t turn into a diamond in one day. Also, huge amounts of pressure in one day will give nothing but crap. It needs to be constant steady pressure. So yes, the process is going to be slow. It will consist of simple tasks like waking up early, reading 50 pages in a book, or… writing a piece of poetry, or not touching my phone for 4 hours,..it could be anything!

But am going to dare myself every single day. 🙂

Why am I making it public? Well, it’s always nice to keep track of your improvements right? We all make resolutions, but how many do we really follow and succeed?

And…. may be this could motivate me, and inspire those who follow this blog too!

Let’s see how far this can go and how long can I stick on to it!

Let’s push the envelope.

Take a step forward today, to shine like a diamond one day!

Wish me luck and feel free to join me in this journey!!

You, my lovely reader can also participate in the dares if you wish to or if you feel a particular dare suits you.. It would be my pleasure to have you as my peer-darer! 😀

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Yuvathi ❤ 🙂